• KDB BM identifies a complete range of bimetallic bearings made by lining a low carbon steel support with a sintered
    bronze layor.
    These sliding bearings must be used with oil or grease lub-rication. The sliding surface of these bearing may be mech-anically machined to obtain channel grooves or pockets for a better distribution of the lubricant. Steel backed leadbronze
    lined bearing material for lubricated application, high load capacity and good fatigue properties.

Material Alloy compositon International standard Alloy hardness
BM-1 CuPb10Sn10 JIS-LBC3/SAE-797 HB70-100
BM-2 CuPb24Sn4 JIS-LBC6/SAE-799 HB45-70
BM-3 CuPb24Sn JIS-KJ3/SAE-48 HB30-45
BM-4 AlSn20Cu JIS-AJL/SAE-783 HB30-40

  • Gear shaft bushing (hydraulic geared pump)
  • Shovel bucket hinge bushing (tractor, shovel), Lower ring bushing (bulldozer)
  • Cam shaft, Connecting rod, Rocker arm, Idle gear, King pin bushing
  • Leaf spring, Brake shoe, Hoist cylinder, Hydraulic motors bushing
  • Mechanical handling, Lifting equipment, agricultural machines bushing

  • Performance being good during high speed
  • Fitness during high load
  • High-strength special quality
  • Low attrition performance
  • Bearing for lubrication of oil lubrication method