• OILLESS #200 (WEAR RING) is a fabric reinforced phenolic resin bearing is which self-lubrication manage excelled wear resistance, improved durability, prevention of eccentric deviation and surface roughness resistance in cylinder.

  • Excellent oscillating motion, shock absorption, heat resistance and wear resistance.
  • Usage bound is diverse for the excellent mechanical strength, high insulation for a nonconductor.
  • For the excellent oil endurance it can be use of lubrication oil and hydraulic oil and so on.

  • Power shovel, mini construction equipment, bulldozer, forklift, dozer-shovel loader, dump truck, truck crane, wheel crane, press, combine, robot, lift, jack, garbage truck hydraulic cylinder packing & automobile shock absorber piston ring.
  • Notes
  • Our company is allowed for the order production from standard size to special size.

  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent machinable

  • Low frictional coefficient
  • - High load carrying capacity
  • - Excellent chemical resistance
  • - No electro-chemical corrosion in aqueous solution
  • - Non magnetic/low water uptake
  • - No stick slip